Head Chef

Status: Closed for submissions
Estimated Salary: K2300 per month

+ Service Charge ~K2000 per month

Working hours: full-time (48h / week)

The head chef is an employee in our restaurant who is responsible to lead the team in the kitchen. He or she not only makes sure that dishes are being produced to the desired quality, but also that processes are set in place to deliver that quality consistently. When under pressure, the head chef can successfully manage the team to produce fresh and delicious food for our customers. When less busy, the head chef comes up with new strategies to improve the kitchen and restaurant business.

Your Responsibilities

  • Lead our small kitchen team
  • Create delicious dishes for our customers
  • Control and direct the food preparation process
  • Menu planning
  • Stock taking management
  • Create menu items, new recipes and develop high quality dishes
  • Employ good hygiene and safety standards for our staff and customers

Skills & Talents you should have

Vocational training in the hotel industry is not a mandatory requirement for this position, but is welcome. Applicants with specialist training in one of the possible areas of the hotel industry are therefore given preferential treatment. Food production skills with a proven track record are a must.

A head chef should have a talent for

  • organization (even in difficult and explosive situations)
  • polite manner and a well-groomed appearance
  • knowledge of foreign languages (at least English)
  • reliability and loyalty
  • discretion and secrecy
  • ablity to lead a small kitchen team under pressure
  • trained handling of people and customers

Working Hours

This position will require a five or six day workweek with flexible off days, depending on our occupancy. The workweek consists of 48 hours. You will get 2 leave days per month, total 24 leave days per year.

Your Salary

Your salary will be around K2300 monthly. This includes housing allowance & transport allowance. Lunch will be provided at our facilities. On top of your salary comes a payment of service charge on the 15th of every month, which can be around K900 – K1600 monthly depending on how busy we are. We do deduct payments for NAPSA an NHIMA.

How to apply

Please send your curriculum vitae (CV) and relevant references to manuel@kabwesafarilodge.com. You do not need to create a written cover letter – a few words in your email will be enough. However, we do appreciate to get a clear picture of your motivation and past work experience.

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