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An authentic african experience

Kabwe Safari Lodge is a small boutique lodge situated in Kabwe, Central Province in Zambia. Once a single miner’s house on an empty plot, the owner Burkard has step by step built new chalets and housing, a restaurant, a bar and our famous swimming pool.

Built with a hands-on and and practical approach, every room and chalet is different from the next one. Which means you have the option of choosing a single chalet, double rooms, executive rooms, family rooms or small apartments. There is even an outside private bath tub and shower available.

Why Kabwe?

Not your typical holiday destination

You might think that Kabwe Safari Lodge is built in a national park, but it’s away from your typical travel destinations in Africa. From first glance, you would think we are crazy: There is no beach. There are no animals. There is no world heritage site to visit nearby. Why would anyone put a lodge here?

Because there is a lot to see, explore and experience apart from the usual expectations one might have in Zambia. People need to stop over from their tours. People have business projects or charity work. Volunteers. And each and every one of them deserves a beautiful place to rest.

We offer you exactly that: Genuine and honest hospitality in an environment of friendly and local people.

We’re situated in the beautiful area of Luangwa in Kabwe, just ten minutes from the town center.

Our restaurant

Fresh food by local people

We might as well tell you that the ingredients we source for our restaurant are local and organic. Because they are. Each and every day we go and look for fresh fish, tender meat, crispy vegetables and the sweetest fruit. Which also means that our menu is always changing to adjust for the seasons.

We also have a special regard to vegetarians and vegans, as we have them among our team. You can be rest assured that we will cater to your special needs, including food intolerances.

Our Food

Traditional & Modern

Have you ever tried Nshima? It is considered a Zambian staple. If a Zambian has not yet had nshima today, he or she will tell you that they have not eaten.

We are proud to offer both traditional zambian cuisine as well as modern dishes like pasta and sandwiches. You will not get bored of our menu during your stay, promised!

Plus we often like to take a spin on traditional ingredients in our weekly specials menu. Be sure to follow us on facebook, email or instagram to get the newest specials.

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